bitdefender internet security 2011 vs avg internet security 2011?!

Question: Bitdefender internet security 2011 vs avg internet security 2011?
Which of the two is better when it comes to general protection?

If you look at this graph, you will see that neither is very good, but AVG does a little better than bitdefender. VB100 is a top rated site that does testing once or twice a year on all antivirus products out there. the best products are along the top right of the graph. there are many doing a better job than these two, but AVG is the better one if you are set on one of them.

hope this helps

BitDefender is a very HIGH memory program so if you are on a Desktop i would consider installing BitDefender. But if your on a Laptop it will take a while to boot up and i think that AVG 2011 is better than the old versions of it now. so i would go with AVG 2011 is recommended by me for Laptops.

I tried both and i like AVG 2011's interface a lot better.

I have AVG 2O11 & I really like it.

Although it can't always remove the viruses (I had a Rootkit hidden file) give it its' due, it does detect the viruses very well.

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