I have a few questions about Aswang's?!

Question: I have a few questions about Aswang's?
How long have aswang's existed? Why are aswang's only female? How do Aswang's reproduce? How long does an Aswang live?


You do know Aswangs are just a mythical creature in Philippine folklore, right? They don't exist in real life.

Aswangs in lore have existed long ago back back in the Spanish era. The rumour of their existence were probably created by the Spanish colonials to scare people not to leave their homes after dark.

They are mostly said to be female largely because back then (and even up to the present times), females were regarded as inferiors compared to the males and so are more likely to adopt evil practices and pinned to turn into shady creatures.

They are mostly human during the day to blend in with their surroundings. So I guess they could reproduce normally with unknowing human males.

I think they adopt the same lifespan as an ordinary human. Not sure about this, though.

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