Why is there no consistent or conclusive scientific evidence to support the idea!

Question: Why is there no consistent or conclusive scientific evidence to support the idea that gays are born that way?
And, the argument "Why would anyone chose to be gay," is not rational as it is an argument from incredulity.


Homosexuality, like liberalism is a mental disorder. Most of the time they go hand in hand.

I do not think it is so black and white. People are complex creatures and we all do not fit some specific mold or formula! Some people are born gay (naturally are attracted to the same sex and only the same sex and would be that way no matter what happens in their life), some become gay (events in their childhood cause them to develop feelings for only the same sex), and some chose to be gay (some people like to just get attention and pretending to be gay is one way just like people chose to be jocks or punks, some people are naturally attracted to both sexes and chose one or the other, etc).

Why does it have to be one or the other option?

So realistically, it can probably be proven all ways! I'm sure you can find at least one person as an example to the above options. So how can you scientifically prove something is only one way when it has multiple outcomes and causes?

My cousin is gay, and growing up with him I can tell you I have always known he was gay (maybe before he even knew it). I believe he was born that way. My entire family was shocked when he "came out" in college but I had always known, and even told my sister several times. It was especially evident in junior high and high school when all the girls had crushes on him but he wanted nothing to do with them, but signs were there even as a smaller child. He as always been who he is, and has always been gay.
I also have a friend who decided she was gay in high school and who is gay to this day, but I am confident she "became gay" or "chose to be gay" to piss off her parents (she was boy crazy when I met her, again I think to piss off her parents but it didn't work well so so went to more extremes), but it eventually became who she truly is. I believe she is truly gay and truly loves her wife and cannot be anything else at this point, but I do not think she was always gay (maybe bi).
So even in my life, I have seen two examples supporting each side!

And truly what does it matter? If you became gay, were born gay, etc, you ARE gay. People should respect you for you, regardless of your sexual preference or how you came to have that sexual preference. As long as your sexual preference does not harm or impede the freedom of your partner (like rape, statutory rape, etc) what does it matter what two consenting adults do to show their love for each other?

If you can't tell some children are born gay you are an idiot. I know one poor kid who is the son of a professional football player(only played one year but still..) and who's mom raised their kid as a hardcore Catholic. That kid was surrounded by religion and the most manly men on Earth, yet it was obvious from the age of 5 that the kid was going to be gay.

I'm sorry but if you have an ounce of common sense it's VERY OBVIOUS that some/most children are born gay.

When you can argue that choosing to be straight is a matter of choice, you can argue that being homosexual is a choice. Have yet to see anyone argue that being straight is a choice though, so you better start working on that argument.

I guess for the same reason that there is no consistent or conclusive scientific evidence to support the idea that straights are born that way.

I didn't just wake up one day and decide that I would be straight. I just am, just like I am female and have brown eyes.

All gays says they have always been that way. I say I have always been that way.

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Simply because the study of the brain is still in in infancy. I am sure we will find some sort of indicator of sexual preference soon enough. ^__^

Anyone who thinks it's a "choice" is just plain foolish. A choice would be a married man who lets a gay go down on him.


Who cares? When it all boils down, does it really matter whether they were born that way or not?

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