If You Were Given A Billion Dollars What Would You Do?!

Question: If You Were Given A Billion Dollars What Would You Do?
If I was given a billion dollars I would buy a red Lamborghini, a ton of awesome clothes, an amazing house on Beverly Hills, and a ton of video games. However I would still work and contribute to society. And show off my greatness. :P

I am an Aries.

What would you do?
And your Sign?


"I would still work and contribute to society. And show off my greatness" XD hahahaha

I would only trade currencies on $100 million investment cause im that damn good at it! I'd buy like $50 million in Silver then hold it for 10 years (it's been appreciating faster then gold or platinum) Spend another $20 million on starting a Video game dev company (PSN/XBLA/Iphone type of games) & of course buy into an acquaintances Private Military Company. I'd also need a good trust written up plus id buy & remodel some Chateau's & Villas in Spain, France, & Italy!

Oh yeah I'd also make a new energy drink then start a series of racing teams to compete against Redbull thus marketing my Game company and my Drinks! Damn why not make a clothing line or 2 while im at it :P


Pay off mine and my families debts.
Give my family what they need, pay off their mortgages, any type of money problems, etc and buy them a nice house and support them. Help them get on track and pursue their dreams. Basically give them whatever they want.
Donate some money to charity, help out various organizations.
Travel the world, Pamper myself, Buy whatever it is my heart desires - dream house, car, nothing flashy, just to suit my tastes, I'm not into mansions and ferraris. I would have my own art studio, learn a bunch of instruments, have the world's greatest chef cook for me everyday, a killer pool, a hot tub, a library, learn to fly a jet, go skiing, basically do anything and everything I've always wanted.
I wouldn't work, workings overrated. Why must one work to contribute to society? Pfffft, Is what I say to that!
Edit: I'd probably get bored not working so maybe I'd pursue something in Art or Anthropology :P


i have come up with a perfect plan. first i would hire about 1223 Drug addicts .there payment would be one $5 rock an hour. i would then proceed to buy a tank from this era, buy depleted uranium bullets for it and and we would get a helicopter to D.C. .i would let 5 of my best fighters come with me to the sewers leading to the white house .kill Obama then i would become a supreme dictator that would rule with an iron fist. Americas army's would be called back from Iraq and north Korea. We would first take down a major import and export country like japan (because it has fallen week now) i would then draft the Japanese people and then continue attacking small country's then work my way up to bigger country's. i would first before attacking big country's use Americas nuclear bombs to blow up said country's power plants and especially there nuclear storage facility's. then i would RULE THE WORLD WITH ALL THE CASH AT MY SIDE THE WORLD TREMBLING AT MY FEET. BURHhAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA

my twisted little mind

1. Go back to school and get my Masters in co-dependence psychiatric studies. When this is complete, I would open my own practice.

2. Send my brother to school so he can be a marine biologist/zoologist.

3. Buy a nice home.

4. Take a lovely vacation with my fiance. Probably Ireland for a month :)

5. The rest would build up interest.

A girl can dream, can't she?


Well the FIST thing i would do is $HIT myself.....next i would help ALL my family and friends...im with you on buying the Lambo and the mansion....BUT id really like to open a HUGE animal rescue..there are too many unwanted and neglected animals and i would want to help as many as possible! ...:))) LEO GIRL

i think the question should be.. what wouldnt you do????

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