WTF is wrong with me? Is this just a stage in entering my twenties?!

Question: WTF is wrong with me? Is this just a stage in entering my twenties?
I have always been extremely fascinated in criminal stuff revolving around serial killers especially. When I was around 13, I wanted to be a private assassin, but finally chose to work in forensics as a Morgue Pathologist when I was 15. I just love working around dead bodies and am so curious of how people look like on the inside.

A professional psychologist came in my psych. class today for fun and gave us an empathy test supposedly accurate. It ranges from 0 being that you have no empathy and it goes up to 80. Unhealthy is from 0-30, healthy is from 31-57 and so on. I got 2 three times in a row.

I cannot stop thinking about ways to kill people and have almost attempted a few times. To ease these urges, I'm writing a novel on a female serial killer and have her do my fantasies, but it just makes me want to do so even more. I just can't stop thinking about it. It now feels so normal and think that there is nothing bad at all killing people, which I think is true anyways.

I have found that when I get my way, hurting some else and they summit to me and fear me, I feel so good.

I am getting so impulsive it is not even funny and I have been missing classes. Im always late for everything, I think its cause i dont care. Having fun breaking rules, even challeging police officers. About a week ago, I was in a car and we were driving slowly by a police guy that pulled a truck over. I randomly decided to scream so loud that the officer ran to my car. I just said that a spider was on me and laughed. It so funny.

I have about a thousand pictures of dead people on my desktop and many that I've drawn in my sketch. I own three massive pocket knives. I have a book with so many ways that I can kill and torture people.

I only have one friend and a boyfriend who I only talk to, even rarely see my friend. Well I talk to my brother and that is it. Previous relationships usually last up to three weeks before I get bored of them and found that I abused each of...


Thats not normal and its not just hormones. You should seriously talk to someone about that

As I was reading I was like.. "Yeah this sounds normal" and then I reached the third paragraph and got scared so Imma just stop reading and leave ..... yikes...

im scared

You think killing people is not wrong and have even thought about doing really should seek some sort of professional help. Seriously.

OMG you are like me
Watch Dexter you will be able to relate with it :)

Yep its pretty normal I guess

I don't think sooooo

i suggest trying not to kill your family and friends...haha

I ******* love you. Lmfao. I do the same, I'm 20 yrs old. Sometimes daydream about cutting my mouth to match my all time favorite villain of all time. That's right, the joker. =) and cutting peoples faces into smiles. Being a mobster and starting my own crime sindicate. Mmmmm. Its so ******* appealing. But I have friends and such. I always if I was to lose it all that I would do these things. And the past b4 DNA and forensic **** I proly def would. If past lives exist, I have no doubt that I was Jack the Ripper. But to answer your question... no. It just means you have a better sense of reality and the fact that you think these things makes you a better person. Just try and think outside your own head. =) because I'm guessing you think outside the box, if you don't control your thinking than you will end up ending your own life or even committing what you think about. Oh, and if ya want. Facebook me. My name is Garrett Hatler. One of a kind so you will only find me. ;) have a great night and keep thinking outside the box.

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