Im haunted by a nightmare that always has the same Monster in each one?!

Question: Im haunted by a nightmare that always has the same Monster in each one?
In all of my dreams for the past four years there is always this Demon this thing that's in each one. The first dream was when I was partying with my friends on a nice sunny day then a storm came out of no were and I see this dark shadowy figure with white eyes sharp black nails like a vampire same deal with the teeth that I see when it roars at me, my friends attack me and tail me to a cross I wake up sweating, my next dream this girl I have a huge crush on gets strangled and stabbed to death and Im just frozen still and can't help here, the murderer looks at me and runs down stairs telling her mom that it was me, I look at my hands and there covered in blood here mom runs up the stairs holding here then screams "you murderer'' I look to the right and there by the window is the demon with white glowing eyes. The next dream Im looking into a mirror of myself completely normal looking then my face becomes distorted and I begin to look like a monster with white eyes and sharp fangs, behind me the same monster. The one that always gets me is this one, Im face to face with the demon I yell for it to take off its black hood when it does the creature is me


Anxiety nightmare! Remember the troubling nightmare in as much detail as you can. Create a scenario in which you manage to prevail. "Tonight, in my dreams, I want to confront the ???/call on a dream ally for help". Write down your chosen form on a piece of paper, at least 3 times, and repeat 3 times aloud, after lights out, and visualise yourself doing it, as vividly as you can, and WANT TO DO IT!!!, with all the desire you can muster, to better communicate this concept to your subconscious mind, through imagery & emotional intensity, so it understands that this is important. Place the piece of paper under your pillow (metaphorically "sleeping on it"). Your subconscious existed before you could walk, or talk. It knows images, muscles/movement, and emotions: communicate with it in terms it can understand. It doesn't understand negatives, and everything is in the present tense to it; there is no past or future. When dreaming, try calling for assistance from a dream character - anyone, alive or long since passed on, even your favorite superhero is available to provide assistance, in the dreamstate. You can even try the technique of "dream re-entry", and use your new solution in that exact same situation. Try the above for 2 - 3 weeks; I believe there is a good chance they will work. Options, for later: Hypnosis is merely a heightened state of suggestibility, in which you are better able to communicate with your subconscious mind. 85% of people are suggestible, to some degree, so you could either seek professional hypnotherapy, or more alternatives along such lines are on page O at, below where this came from. My experience, however, is that the subconscious mind will re-manifest them in a different form, until what it sees as the problem is satisfactorily dealt with. In dream analysis, we are taught that each character inhabiting a dream represents some part of us. It is an axiom that the sole judge of the interpretation of any dream/nightmare is the person who dreamt it. If the nightmare doesn't respond to the above, after a few weeks of trying that technique every night; then it is time to look deeper for the cause. You may benefit from looking at your normal waking life.

What problems, and decisions are there? Is there something you have been avoiding, or putting off? Your subconscious mind is trying to get you to focus on something which it considers is important, and resolve it. You could try asking for an answer in your dreams, as per the previous answer, writing it down 3 times, repeating to yourself in bed, after lights out, and focusing on wanting the answer. "Tonight, in my dreams, I want to remember what the figure is trying to tell me". This method, if it works, should do so in a week, or two. If not, has one titled "dream the answer", but professional hypnotherapy is always much preferable. Many nightmares result from anxiety, so I suggest that learning to deal effectively with the anxiety in your normal waking life may well have a carryover effect into the realm of dreams. may be worth checking out, as well. I have noticed that, since I began using 100mg of 5-htp daily for anxiety, my dreams have become considerably less unpleasant. Eating some things, like large, hot, heavy, or spicy meals late at night, results in nightmares for some people, so be aware of this, and if you experience a nightmare, ask yourself what was it that you ate beforehand, and avoid such "nightmare triggers" in future, unless consumed early in the evening, or before. Avoid coffee/caffeine products within 6 hrs of bedtime; a list is on page F, at, below. If you go to and type "EFT" (and EFT therapists) in the taskbar provided, there is an affirmation on nightmares, and this technique is well worth trying, before paying for remedies or professional therapy, and if you give it a good try, but find it ineffective, the alternatives are still there for you to try. has 13 free videos on it; also Read: Banishing Night Terrors And Nightmares: A Breakthrough Program to Heal the Traumas That Shatter Peaceful Sleep by Christopher Raoul Carranza and Jane Rogers Dill, from your bookstore, or More suggestions are shown at and effective natural treatments for anxiety as shown on pages 1, and i. More about dream analysis is on page o. View

im just guessing but i think your stressing out you should relax and not think about anything if it helps drink green tea at night to calm you down


One thing I think you should try is saying a short prayer before you sleep, ask God to protect you and keep you at peace. There is incredible power in prayer and many people never tap into it. God is always there and wants to help you and be in your life. Ask Him for help with your sleep and your dreams. Also, think of a time in your life when you felt happy and at peace. Recall this place/time as you are drifting off to sleep, it really helps as this carries you into a peaceful state as you relax.
If you have a Bible, find the 23rd Psalm and read it every night before bed time. Get one if you don't have one. There are many places that will give them away free. Or go to and they will send you one totally free, they even pay postage so it does not cost you so much as a penny.
If you have never prayed, just be yourself and talk to God like He was right there with you in the room, because He IS there with you. Just talk normal and say "Hey God I ask you for protection always, but especially when I sleep. I pray for protection and for peaceful sleep without bad dreams. Thank you for your help." Something like that, it does not have to be a long prayer, keep it simple.
I really hope this helps you as I know from my own experience that bad dreams can be horrible. More than once I have woke up sweating and scared witless! If you think of it while your dreaming and the monster/demon is after you, just say something like "Jesus please help me". If in the unlikely chance its a real demon, it cannot stand it when you ask for Jesus help. Best wishes to you with this. Keep praying, stay strong, and don't forget to ask God for help! Peace my friend. Sorry this is so long...

Hi: please see a trusted person or a professional.
Because your brain is still active when you are asleep and when you are asleep it sorts our your thoughts, it may be an unconscious obsession with this monster when you are awake which your brain deals with when you are asleep.
Constant obsession with this could cause this monster to appear in your dreams again.
Like I said above, talk to a trusted person or a professional.
And also, don't worry! =)
Hope this helps!

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