My mother is very strange help?!

Question: My mother is very strange help?
My mother is a very odd person. When I have difficulty she likes to laugh at me, and try to frustrate me. She also enjoys trying to make me nervous and has always tried to limit my growth. For example, when I was in the hospital after the birth of my child she knew I was scared about my legs because they hurt so much so she told me I better run because I would die from a blood clot. I had a panic attack because of this. She also says horrible things about me, like when I had a hymenectomy she told my sisters I aborted a child. I was a virgin so this did not happen. She also used to slap me in the face when I was a teen and tell me that I would go to hell for looking at some boy, which I did not do, at least not around her. So strange considering I have only been with one person, my husband. What is wrong with her?.


I think you need to get distnace between you and your mother. That is the only solution. You will feel so much better if you become more independent from her and have contact only a few times a year, if that.

Why do you still have this person in your life? We cant choose who's womb we develop inside but this woman is toxic to you. I suggest you either talk to her about how she has always made you feel or just cut ties with her.

I have to agree with putting distance between your mother and yourself. She obviously has problems. Maybe she just doesn't know how to show love an affection in a suitable mother daughter fashion. Maybe she never learned or perhaps, again not your fault, she harbors a deep seated resent towards you for some reason or another (first born, too young to be mom when you were born, or bad relationship w/ your father).
Then again, maybe she thinks she is being funny or thinks maybe she is making you tough.
Whatever the reason, there is no need to continue taking her emotional and/or psychological abuse. And physical abuse, if that is still a problem.
One of the perks of being married is you have a partner in life and (if you wish) say forget the world.

I wish you the best of luck!! Remeber you can break the chain. Thats ther powerof being a mom and woman. Be strong.

your need to swat it off before it becomes a is suppossed to be enjoyable not something you worry about...and by no means do I advocate those crazy girls who dance on bars flashing their thongs and having sex with random people every night....but you need a sex life to be a healthy emotionally stable functioning adult...its not the only thing in life but it is a major component....heres an example of who you dont waant to become...I started going out with this girl when I was 17 and she was 15...we fooled around, stayed in contact when I the time I was 20 she was 18 and still a virgin but I wasn't....she said she loved me and felt I was the closest person in her life and even claimed that I was her "everything" as she put I found that odd considering other girls had shown me more affection than the one who's everything I suppossedly was...well we kind of drifted apart, and yes sex had a lot to do with it....but she was also sheltered, a muslim girl, I'm a indian guy by the way....but it was almost as though she liked beiing sheltered, I dont think her parents were really as strict as she made them out to be....her attitude towards sex was a microcosm of her attiti

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