How do i go back to normal?!

Question: How do i go back to normal?
Afew months ago the one person i trusted and loved too much broke my heart and my trust and as much as i have gotten over him, i just dont know how to make things go back to normal. It's almost like the best part of me died or i just dont care about anyone. Lately i am either alienating the ones i care for or just putting up major barriers by acting like a bitter ***** to repel people against getting too cosy around me coz i wonder whats the point anyways. How do i get myself out of this selfish bitter state and out of this hole i have dug myself into?


im in that hole. but slightly different reasons. it sucks. add me if u wanna chat. we can both be mean to each other :d.

You should go to see a doctor, who should be able to help you.

Its normal to feel depressed and not "normal" after a break up since things are changing. For you, normal was how you felt when being with your boyfriend, which is why you feel out of it. Things change and you have to go with it. You shouldn't alienate your friends or those your care about since they didnt do anything to you to cause it. You shouldn't dwell over someone if they broke your heart and trust since they didn't care enough about you, therefore you shouldn't care either.. Prove to yourself that you can move on and find someone else, and don't think that all guys are the same. Trust me...I'm a guy. You learn from mistakes, whether they're yours or someones elses. In this case, your boyfriend made the mistake of breaking your trust. Now you know what to look for in a guy thats better and treats you better. It may not happen over night, but if you want to climb of the hole you dug yourself into, you gotta use your own two hands.

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