IS 4 IBUPROFEN pills to much for a 12 year old?!

Question: I acsidentily took 4 Abuprofen pill for a head ache.I ment to take 2.I had a mirgrain so I wasnt paying much attention I hadent realize I had take 4 after I poped in 4th one in.Is that bad for a 12 year old male?
I wanna know ahead atime if somethings gunna happen!

Answers: I acsidentily took 4 Abuprofen pill for a head ache.I ment to take 2.I had a mirgrain so I wasnt paying much attention I hadent realize I had take 4 after I poped in 4th one in.Is that bad for a 12 year old male?
I wanna know ahead atime if somethings gunna happen!

It is a lot, but your body will eliminate it eventually. The big problem is that Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug. The body uses this process of inflammation to fix problems. When you use these anti-inflammatories, it stops this process. You are not getting rid of the underlying problem that is causing you to be sick.

Migraine headaches are usually food allergies, food preservatives, combined with stress. When the body feels stress, the Adrenal Glands go into action setting off a series of cascading events that can lead to headaches due to blood sugar issues. Many food allergies are due to deficiencies in the body of nutrients necessary to produce enzymes that digest food. Also, a bad digestive system due to Low Fat, High Carb diets can cause this problem.

I suggest you figure out what is causing the migraines and fix that. If you drink "energy drinks" and anything containing caffeine, you are setting yourself up for this type of problem. The caffeine makes your body go into a "flight or fight" mode and reprioritizes your liver to not address the steroid hormones in your body, like your sex hormones in place of producing cortisol that throws your blood sugar into a tizzy.

The other issue you need to look at is are you getting enough water? This is the biggest nutritional deficiency in America. This can cause major headaches.

You need to drink the following everyday:

Take your total body weight and divide by 2. That number is the amount of ounces you need to drink each day. If you weigh 100 pounds; divide by 2 = 50. So drink 50 ounces of water each day. Don't count anything with caffeine in it as part of those ounces, in fact, you have to add to the total amount of ounces you drink, 1-1/2 times the amount of liquid you drink that has caffeine. So in other words, if you drink a 16 ounce coke, you will need to add to the 50 ounces of water 24 ounces more to make up for how coke dehydrates your body.

To give you an idea of why water is so important, you need 7.5 quarts of liquid in your body to process 1 quart of food you eat in a day. If you don't have that liquid available, the food will not get processed correctly and you will develop many toxins in your body that can develop into a major headache!

good luck

Tell your parents and have them call your doctor and ask. Four ibuprofen is probably 800 mg, prescription strength ibuprofen is 600 mg, but that is the adult dose.

If your parents are not around you can call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.


it is not good, but still not enouth to cause toxicity, but be careful in future. anyway try aspirin they say it is very good for migrine.take care

Yes that is too much. Definately too much. How bad it is depends on your isze, if your a little bigger it's not AS bad but still very bad. If your a little guy you really should tell someone/seek help. 2 is the right ammount for a fuly grown healthy adult.

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL (not that it's likely you would, but a school mate died a couple weeks ago for taking that many after a couple beers)

4 ibuprofens IS too much for a 12 year old. If you are a big 12 year old and otherwise healthy, you will probably be OK but I wouldn't risk it again, you might not be so lucky. All medicines can be harmful in larger than prescribed amounts--even over the counter meds. People think they are safe but they can have serious side effects. As with aspirin, ibuprofen can cause increased bleeding time. In other words, small cuts can bleed more than usual and you'll have difficulty getting the bleeding to stop. Large cuts can be very serious. Please tell your parents.

you will be fine, it is not enough to do anything to you, you dont need to call poison control

YES it's way to much! my goodness kid! i know i might sound mean but even if u have a migrain u have to try to pay attention. taking that much could be very dangerous, it all depends on ur body and how it works, everyone's different. but be careful anyway. if u start to feel weird or nausiated (sry i'm not a very good speller) u should tell ur parents and see what they say. and if it gets worse than that talk to your dr. well i hope everything turns out ok good luck!

Yes. You'll live though. You might have a tummy ache though little one. I would get alot of food in my belly if I were you.


i think you should be ok. be careful next time and dont do that. somethings can really mess you up if taken in high doses. let someone know that happend so they know to watch you so nothing happens. good luck.

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