How long shouldit take to maturbate?!

Question: Just wondering, sometimes it takes me 30 seconds, other times 45 minutes, so whats average?

Answers: Just wondering, sometimes it takes me 30 seconds, other times 45 minutes, so whats average?

if you think of good stuff, you'll be finished easily. but, if you just do it, you can last longer like 20-30 minutes or so, which i think is better

I could do it in 5 minutes, but I like to feed my fantasies and drag out the horny feeling for 30+ minutes. It's well worth it.

depends on how fast your hands moving, or what your watching/doing while your masterbating

it all depends on your fantasizing. and how bad you might want it

It depends. If you're thinking about your auntie, it takes awhile to get over the shame. If you're thinking about the hot big titty woman working the counter sucking your **** like she needs it to live, then, yeah, 30 seconds is about average.
OOOOH! I've got to go clean up. Hope this helped.

It's never gonna be the same, although I don't think I've been shorter than ten minutes. I average about 10-15.

it should take about 10 seconds and it should come out greenish..............

WOW 45 min.. You will make some woman happy one day if you can last that long during sex. But masturbating...? That has got to be irritating at times.

I can handle my business within 15 seconds or it can take hours just depending.

wow...45 minutes...are you really really good or really really bad at it? It takes me like 10 minutes more or less.

Depends on your internet speed

I have no idea what an average would be. I try to make it last as long as I can, at least an hour.

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