Help! I stuck a bouncy ball into my rectum and now its stuck up there and i cant!

Question: i was just exploring and trying new thing because i heard that the male g-spot is in the rectum but now its stuck. Is it possible for me to expell it out naturally?

Answers: i was just exploring and trying new thing because i heard that the male g-spot is in the rectum but now its stuck. Is it possible for me to expell it out naturally?

In all probability your body will expel the bouncy ball with your stool the next time you go to the bathroom. This is because the Bouncy ball is now in front of all the excrements your large intestine builds up into your anus. Thus in order for the rest of the stool to come out, the bouncy ball has to come out first. If you're worried about it a lot or it doesn't come out in your still then you need to go to the ER and have them pry it out. They will most likely insert devices that will no doubt feel quite unpleasant but it's gotta come out. My recommendation is leave your anus alone. It's a one way street down there, things are only meant to come out, not go in. Hope this helps, stay healthy.

you should try a super bouncy ball next time

wait a little. im sure your body will push it out soon. prob next time you crap (or sooner!)

Do you bounce if you fall on your bum?

you should take a major crap

take a spoon and shuv it up there, and skoop it out

is it as big as your boyfriends dick

Shove an egg beater up there and turn it on. This will shred the ball to bits and you can douche your problems away.

No need to thank me for the advice.

One thing that is not where you G-spot is. I would seek medical attention before you do anything to damage your anus and rectum. Or you might be using a bag for the rest of your life. Have to bite your tongue as you won't see them anymore from any embarrassment.

you're going to have to stuff more foreign objects up there until the ball comes out your mouth

I like how no one came across the obvious question of ... WHY THE FACK DID YOU PUT A BOUNCY BALL IN YOUR SPHINCTER TO BEGIN WITH. FLAMER.

You need to get together with the guy that stuck the flashlight up his and take turns looking for each others nemesis.

If you don't get that thing out you need to get to the hospital ER and have it removed otherwise you'll end up full of sh*t!

It just had to be said.............

i know you cant be a girl. dude why would you do that? are you gay? do you know that stool when staying too long in the body is poisonus? next time, my weird friend put the ball in oil.may be then if it gets stuck it would be easy for you to pry it out.

lmao...i have the flu and you made my day...i love you!!!

you need surgery..

sorry to laugh, but that is kinda funny. IF you feel the need to do this, you need to get Ben Wa balls; they're a ball (or string of balls) attached to a string or some type of chord for easy extraction after they've been shoved in there. And, they're usually made of some harder type material so that lube will stick to them, unlike the bouncy ball you used which is very pourous. It's OK to explore, just think things through before you venture into new frontiers.

Were you expecting real answers to this question?

Well yes you probably will expell it naturally but you still should see a doctor, heavens knows what demage you already caused on your rectum, next time use a rubber dildo or something easier to control.

Call Rectum-Rooter and they will fix you up!!

Well that is kinda disgusting.. Just give me the best answer and I will keep in tough with you and see how that goes... deal?

Not much you can do but wait for nature to take it's course. I would say for faster relief take some peptobismol.

right. um why would u stick a ball up your ***? i would suggest not sticking nothing up your *** again. Well once u get it out....


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