Why are girls supposed to like guys with such big penises?!

Question: Wouldn't it hurt to have such big things inside them?

Answers: Wouldn't it hurt to have such big things inside them?

many women are also more tight "down there" and they arent endlessly deep. a long one would hit the cervix and a large one would hurt while inserting.

I'm glad when I found out that the size trully doesnt matter. thanks to those girls on teenhelp website. I never had a girlfriend cause I thought mine is too small and when I'll have to have sex, it wont be big enough. how sad is that? I never enjoyed love cause of the size. it really hurts when they make fun of the size and there's nothing I can do, except the surgery would be the only sollution.

but now I'm proud of my smallness :]

its a myth that women likes big ones. and a myth means that stupid people dont know the true facts and then the myth spreads worse than the plague, cause they dont prove it with science. but the science tells that most women are actually tight, so the size doesnt matters.

In some cases, yes... it can hurt.

Most of the time, length doesn't seem to bother them, unless it's super long, then it can hurt. If it's 6-7 inches, that's fine. It's the girth that matters. The vaginal wall only has nerves in the first 4-5 inches. After that, there's nothing to feel, besides the guy hitting the cervix, which can hurt like hell.

Not all girls like them so big.

Its what u do with it that counts don't matter about size

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