Why do women cheat on their husbands?!

Question: Why do women cheat on their husbands? I have had sex with many wives who always complain their Husbands. I think they are tired of from " fake orgasm " am i right ?

Answers: Why do women cheat on their husbands? I have had sex with many wives who always complain their Husbands. I think they are tired of from " fake orgasm " am i right ?

Richard B they are the same ones that are complaining about you also. They are cheats, dishonest, and just like certain men. They will never be happy in a relationship! Good Luck! hope this has help answer your question.

I am not sure that it is just orgasm they are missing. Usually women are mising the intimacy or just want to feel special or their husbands just dont pay too much attention to them. They are not being pursued anymore because the husband is too lazy or too busy

They cheat for the same reason that guys do--they are not satisfied sexually and are looking for someone who can fulfill their needs.

I agree with the other two answers. They cheat the same way as men do. They want intimacy..something different out of the ordinary. They will go back home to husband/wife because they love them. But they will keep coming back for lack of.

Some ladies want difeerent test, some for the sake of money, some just for fun.

The real question is WHY are YOU cheating with married women?

because ya no good in bed
or you are just ignorant

well first off if u have sex with many wifes then ur a dick knowing they are married.

now with that being said probaly cause they are not getting treated right at home and the guy is not taking care of his part of the deal at all and the lady just wants it. dont know any other reason i mean if they married the guy they must at least have or still do love and care for him.

i still dont understand the who thing about people cheating why cheat???????????????????

I have lived my life (now 54) with a handful of basic moral commitments. One of those is to never, ever have sex with a married woman. Has the opportunity arisen? Certainly, multiple times. My reason for holding to this principle? When I was single and then married I would not want someone else sleeping with my wife. It's kinda of a Karma thing......what goes around comes around.

They cheat for some reason man. And we know that buddy...

I think it's normal, that doesn't all the time for a couple to have a perfect intimacy, having both with orgasm, although men always have. Maybe you are good sex performer to those cheater wives but if anyone of them become your permanent sex partner, I don't think so you can do maintain your performance. Women's orgasm I think depend upon her breed or genetic I mean, those cheater women are hi-breed they couldn't control their sex thirst. These type of women need longer love making time to attain orgasm. You know a cheater wife always a cheater woman no permanent husband until become older age.

i dont know why do u cheat on your wife?

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