Male enhancers?!

Question: Is there really a way for a cream or pill to make you larger. I can't believe companies are allowed to advertise a product that is useless? What happened to false advertising? I've never tried one but am amazed at how many men do.

Answers: Is there really a way for a cream or pill to make you larger. I can't believe companies are allowed to advertise a product that is useless? What happened to false advertising? I've never tried one but am amazed at how many men do.

Of course, none of them really work. There is little integrity in the field of advertising and (at least in the US), the FDA won't bother to check it out if it's not an actual drug, and no one will get on the manufacturers case unless there are complaints. The sad truth is that some people will believe anything and waste their money trying whatever.

Its all fake !! playing on men's insecurities.

You can do different types of exercises which are taught in gym but do not go for male enhancers. I do not believe it.

They skate around making any real claims. It's all a big rip-off.

Remember back when all the idiots called the psychic hot lines for advice. All BS too.

buddhama it is unreal isn't it ? They prey up on the young men, trying to convince them they are small, and inadequate with their penises they are given. It should be illegal. The reason they can do it is because it does increase the bloods volume in some guy's thus giving a minute increase in thickness. But it does not make it longer and larger as men and young guys think it will. It is ashame it is allowed as you stated. I had noticed I said had! a penis that was 11 and 1/2 " when I was younger, but had a accident which required surgeries, in order to try and salvage what I could of mine after years of no one knowing what exactly to do for me. I have never , even going through school and showering with many many other guys, along with the showering with those in the navy, considered mine any thing but normal, which is what it is for me, and that I couldn't do anything some one with 1and 1/2 inch penis could do that has gone through pubity. Unfortunately in 1984, I had an accident where I fell 80' on to a steel paper roll working at a papermill. and straddled it. Needless to say they wanted to remove my penis because of the damage, and lack of blood supply. Thus I used a penile pump you see advertised to make your penis larger, to pull blood in to the penis to keep it nurished with blood so I didn't lose it completely.I would put the pump over the penis and pump on it which in turn did pull blood in to the penis and then apply a band at the base of the penis after to hold the blood in for awhile. Did it make my penis larger ? No! They removed the testicles after many surgeries of trying their best to save them. Then just this last March I had reconstructive surgery on what is left of my scrotal sac to hold a penis pump, and they were finally able to put in a three piece unit so as to make an erection possible, and maintain my penis from shrinking more. The statement you hear when they say use it or lose it is true which I found out the hard way. I thank God for the pump, as it did serve a purpose, which is for men with erectile dysfunction to be able to achieve an erection by using it that way. It would work for some i'm sure, but not for penis enlargment. I would never make fun of a man because of his penis size. What each of us has been given is the normal. Even with the disfiguring scarring and losing 3 and 1/2" as to date, I went through a real hard time. Will never be the same, but I can use it, and have it to admire no matter what size. I of course lost a lot of feelings and now have tattoo's on the shaft and in the pubic area, hiding some of the scars. so this is a topic I take to heart, as I thought for a while I might have to be a real ugly looking woman. Many young kidz ask on here about enlarging along with the adult men. And I assure all that even this surgery they talk about is not true. All they do is cut the ligaments and try to pull what we already have forward and try to convince us it is bigger. Some will buy it because they want it so bad. I know from first hand experience thanks to John Hopkins Hospital, and the good Lord. Hope this is of value to many. As I refuse to let any man if I can help it end up like I am. Good Question thanks for listening. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

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