Is this considered cheating?!

Question: if i let my friend put it in "that other" hole??

Answers: if i let my friend put it in "that other" hole??

Hole # 1-Your bfs fun

Hole #2-Let 'em on through.....

uh... I guess not?

no babe it is fine so just relax and let me have some fun

would you let your BF put it in that other hole?

If yes please send me pictures

no the other hole is safe, always

many holes for many friends I always say

both at the same time so neither hole gets jealous.



No, I take it the other hole is yours too?

if it's just a friend putting it in the other
that's what friends are for

Hmmm...sounds like you are having fun ,, fun is fun

I only have 2 holes it will fit! and door number 2 is not an option!

yes you wh o re

As long as everyone gets to, its fine!!!


Yes. You shouldn't have any sexual contact with anyone else if you're involved with another person. You should try and be faithful in all ways possible.

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