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Question: If jerking off causes balding.

Answers: If jerking off causes balding.

yo dude,

i know they say baldness is in the genes, but they ain't talkin about those types of

is ya mum's dad bald?

r ya cousins from ya mum's sisters goin bald yet?

r yo bros goin bald yet?

if not, no probs..............

........... if they r, just keep wearin a hat :-)

Yes and it also makes you go blind...

are sloths bald?

wearing hats cause balding alot faster then jerking off will. i am pretty sure that jerking off will have no adverse effects on your hairline.

Only jerking with your left hand causes baldness. Your right hand doesn't hurt.

If this old wives tale were true every fifteen year old boy in North America would be totally bald by his sixteenth birthday!!!

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