Razer bumps?!

Question: do razer bumps go away after u shave alot. cause i just did for the first time and i got alot. will i just have to get used to it??

Answers: do razer bumps go away after u shave alot. cause i just did for the first time and i got alot. will i just have to get used to it??

because you are doing it for the first time it could have been because your skin isn't used to it yet and you haven't worked out how to shave according to your skin. all men shave differently to suit him.
When i started going out with my boy (he's 24 so obviously wasn't the first time he had shaved) he had this problem too. I bought him a shaving cream that is specifically for sensitive skin. has worked wonders for him!! he hasn't had any since. Also, buy a good razor. i know it costs extra but usually they last longer then the cheaper ones and they are easier on the skin.

Yea they appear less and less the more you shave. Try to be more gentle when shaving, and maybe get an after product to reduce razor bumps.

i always use baby oil on me and no problem with bumps or itching

It depends on how you are shaving. Try getting a mirror and shaving in the shower. The heat helps. Use a shave gel and buy a good razor like a Gillette Fusion or a Shick Quattro Titanium.

shave every day and buy a multi- blade razor like a mac3 or quatro. it will minimize the bumps

Um, I have been shaving for about 7 years now and (if we're talking about the body) then it depends.

Most of the time i'm to lazy to stop and even use shaving cream or even conditioner lol thus for I get razor burn.

When I don't shave like a maniac and actually use what i'm supposed to and go gentle I dont get a single bump lol.

On your face yes it will deff go away after time. Now you could have tender skin and this will go away but will come back every time you shave. All you have to do is go to your doctor or even pharmisist and tell them, there is a ointment that will make the razor burn stop=]

To reduce razor bumps you can use a razor that vibrates which will reduce the razor bumps as well as wipiing your face with alcohol. My boyfriend does these two things and they have reduced greatly.

use a nice mositurizer after shaving, it may sound funny but men should use a good mositurizer after they shave.

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