Im 13 and 6' 3" is that abnormal?!

Question: also do you think i will * 7 foot, and wat bed size should i get?

Answers: also do you think i will * 7 foot, and wat bed size should i get?

You are HUGE for your age.
For your genetic background (your family) , do you think its possible for you to get to 7 feet?
If not, seven seems kind of difficult to reach, but anything between 6'4 1/2- 6'7 seems possible.

Good luck big guy (y)

yeah you're probably a freak.

haha you are not a freak! its just genetics and a sign that you are healthy and growing well. In my opinion, I'd say that's pretty awesome!

Abnormal isn't the right word.... try "early" ...maybe you're completely done growing - you just started and finished early. Regardless, you are (or will be) what your genes dictate. Can you surrender to that.... fighting it or worrying about it won't change things.

yuor kinda tall compare yto most of the other kids but it's not abnormal or anything your family gene just tall that's all

Haaha I doubt you're grandma was 7'5.

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