Is there a test that can be done to determine the size of the bladder?!

Question: I was curious.

Answers: I was curious.

Yes, it can be done in either of the two above mentioned ways. If there's a medical need to know it, it can be done by ultrasound with a very high degree of accuracy. There's actually a fairly new method called "urodynamic testing" where they insert a catheter and fill the bladder up aritifically with liquid until the "can't hold it anymore" reflex is triggered. Never had that done myself but have talked with a couple of people who have -- sounds painful!

Without involving a urologist, you can get a rough idea as the other answer mentioned by simply making yourself hold it in until the last minute when you can't hold anymore, then urinating in a large enough measuring container. A plastic bottle with markings on the sides works well -- just remember not to use it for drinking afterward! For most accurate results, drink a bunch of plain water before doing the measurement (sugar, caffeine and other things can mess with the bladder muscles and affect the results), and repeat the test 2 or 3 times to get an average reading. A "normal" adult bladder can hold anywhere from a pint to a quart of urine (16 to 32 ounces) before starting to lose control. A child's bladder will of course hold somewhat less depending on age, but should hold at least 1 ounce per year of age, up to age 16.

Urologists do scans of bladders to determine the conditions, etc..Sometimes they do one..have you eliminate..then do another.

Sonogram. Just like a pregnant woman gets a sonogram on her baby....the same can be done on your bladder. Sonogram computers can calculate the size of your bladder based on measurements.

Yes they can.I have had to have it done.

Screw the urologist, if it's just curiosity on your next day of drink a lot of tea or some other diuretic, try to get an idea of your urgency levels 1-10... 1 is after you've just voided 10 is, your gonna wet your self...

Try to identify 8-9 then when at that urgency urinate into a large empty bottle or measuring jug... Do it a couple of times, that's how much you can hold...

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