Boys only? does silk shorts make you feel horney? why? can anyone explain?any ex!

Question: i feel horney everytime i wear silk shorts, dont know why

Answers: i feel horney everytime i wear silk shorts, dont know why

I wont lie, this topic is smokin hot. lol

I do like the feeling yes, or jersey against it. Makes my danglies very soft.

haha danglies xD

Jersey, like really soft bedsheets that are kinda stretchy, Different feeling but good on the uhh... head of... "it". bahaha. Ya dig?

ps. Thanks xD Report It

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  • definately. It's the slick material rubbing against me down there.

    cause its like a handjob every time you take a step!

    your a weird dude.....but what ever floats your boat man

    Definitely, that is why some guys like wearing their woman's underwear and/or silk boxers.................

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