My foreskin doesnt retract?!

Question: Do i have to get circumcised? my foreskin doesnt retract. I dont want to because it might hurt. does it hurt?

Answers: Do i have to get circumcised? my foreskin doesnt retract. I dont want to because it might hurt. does it hurt?

you don't have to get circumcised- first, try some gentle stretching exercises in the shower to see if you can loosen it up, if that doesn't work, ask your doctor about some cream to help loosen it. If THAT doesn't work (and ussually it does) they can do either a dorsal slit or a frenulotomy, depending on if your trouble if your foreskin or your frenulum, that will hurt, but not as much as a circ and you get to keep your foreskin. :) -Neb

Yes it hurts, but only for about a week, and not more than you can take for certain. If it isn't retracting, then you could have a lot of problems down the road. You can have it split in the Dr office to free it up, but if you're going to go through that.. just get circumcized and save yourself a lot of trouble all through your life. Yeah I know there are a lot of folks who go on how it isn't natural and all of that, but life will be a lot easier and you will last longer in bed as an additional benefit if you have it done.

Don't do it I had to wait until I was 15, every time you take a warm bath just try to pull it back and after a couple of weeks it'll pull back easy also there is a steroid to help you retract it, and even if it does not retract is normal alot of uncircumcised men's foreskin never reatracts and they live healthy lives.

i have the same thing my fore skin it tight and i had to se a doctor because you are to pullback your foreskin for cleaning and stuff if not you can get infection and sore back there and that HURTS.

Try and pull it back over, if it wont go back over, then seek medical advice ASAP. they wont circumcise you the 1st time.

see a doctor would be the best bet.

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