What are the benefits of becoming a nudist?!

Question: It feels really good to be nude. Nudity is a very natural way to be.

Answers: It feels really good to be nude. Nudity is a very natural way to be.

u get to run around naked???

you get to be horny alot

you pay less for clothes, you get to run arround nude (my personal favorate) and you get to see other fellow nudist nude (though this can be good and bad, some things you just don't need to see).

Ok now a serious answere, if your a nudist you get to hang with like minded people who will not judge you on how you look nude or the fact that you enjoy being nude.
If you think that being a nudist amone other nudists will get you laid more ... think again... that aint gonna happen.

this is exactly the opposite of what jesus would want you to do!! why would you have a picture of him and ask this question..this doesn't even make any sense
if you are going to put up a picutre of him then i just thought i would tell you this..jesus said your body is sacred so he wouldn't really be too happy about you running around naked

and benefits of becoming a nudist is that you don't have to worry about what you are going to wear and worry about what kind of look you should go for

You become a nudist by taking your clothes off. You could also subscribe to some nudist colony or one of these clubs where they play cards and twister and have buffets.
The benefit of being nude is you get a complete suntan if you're on a beach feeling relaxed, comfortable and not sweating.
being nude in the bath/sauna.shower/bed is not being a nudist it is simply not having clothes on because you are doing something for which clothes have no purpose.
As a nudist you might extend that further.
I have been a nudist for sun bathing but in the UK the spaces are infected by gay sexuality, not mixing but oppressing those who merely want to be nude with no sexual intent.

not having to spend a lot of money on clothes
but buying more sunscreen

curtdud e

Fashion labels will go out of business.

I always wanted to be a nudist, but I don't have the balls.
Well, actually I do but I don't want everybody to see them. :)

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