What does sperm taste like ?!

Question: my friend aaron want to know

Answers: my friend aaron want to know

mine taste like a banana split i/ve been told

Yummy!!! I could eat it all day (or drink)

egg whites...

Take egg whites, vinegar, mayo and salt...mix it together and taste.


I don't know. and I don't reaaly want to find out. tell him to taste it himself.

well it depends on the guys diet but alot of people will say it tastes strongly like salt, and it taste like sea salt too me yuk!!.

it's different. most of it I would say is 'tangy'. Some seems to have no taste. It's the gloppy texture that takes some getting used to.

Best I can say is try it. It won't hurt you. And you might like it.

Yummy, very yummy

guzzle some find out for yourself

it tastes like sweat almost. after you have sweat, then cooled down,lick your hand or something.. but its also got the thick mixture.. so all together id say it tastes like silly puddy.

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