What's wrong with me? Everytime I'm working out i seem to actually get t!

Question: What's wrong with me!? Everytime I'm working out i seem to actually get tired as in sleepy!!?
Like ill be working out and then i start to yawn and then i loose energy and then i just sit down until im ready again!.!.!. whats wrong!? i seem to not be able to lift as much as i used to!. I havent really worked out* since a year ago because i broke my collar bone during football season!. Would that matter!?

*I worked out around jan!. thru feb!. but that was because i had motivation(this girl i liked) but i got over her and found no other reason to work out!. I've been trying to find some motivation but i just cant!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Perhaps you're over-exerting yourself!? If you've been out of exercise, you can do more damage by rushing straight back into the same intensity of exercise you used to do!.
Also, are you making sure you're breathing properly!? I know it sounds like a stupid question,but often people who are focusing on a difficult or strenuous movement, they'll hold their breath, and if you're doing repetitions, then I wouldn't be surprised if this was your problem!.
Another point that indicates to me that this may be the problem is that you said you start yawning - A yawn is the body's way of making you inhale deeply because you're lacking oxygen in your blood!. (You yawn when you're tired because your respiration has become shallow and you're therefore not taking in as much oxygen as you should)!.

My advice would be to work out at a lower intensity until you feel your fitness come back and while you're working out really focus on your breathing!. Try counting while you inhale and exhale (the number will vary depending on the level of intensity of the workout)!. Listening to music with a good beat can also sync your breathing and exercise subconsciously - i!.e!. you'll breath in time to the music, which will ensure you're getting more than enough oxygen!.

One last thing that may be a contributing factor!.!.!. if you don't have enough red blood cells in your body (the cells responsible for carrying oxygen to your working muscles) because you don't eat protein-rich foods like red meat, beans or veggies like spinach, then this could very well be a reason you're feeling highly fatigued while working out!. So if this sounds like you, eat more red meat or beans - they're the easiest sources of protein to access and for the body to metabolise!.

As for the motivation - the only thing that can fix that problem is you unfortunately!. I've found the best way to motivate myself is to set a resonable, achievable goal and work towards it!. When you start seeing results, that acts as motivation in itself!.

Best of LuckWww@Answer-Health@Com

sounds like your having problems with energy levels, all exercise problems these days can be solved with supplements so if its just lack of muscle energy i would recommend some creatine!.

other than that you say your struggling to find motivation i would reccommend you try a nitric oxide/vascular supplement!. these give you great muscle pumps but more importantly for you they make you focused and definately give you the drive to have a good workout!.

i would reccomend BSN NO-xplode its one of the best i recently bought some and have found it does wonders and the majority of people are impressed by it!. even if your not willing to pay for it over and over just give it a try and buy 1 tub as it really does get you focused and should motivate you again!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

STOP MASTURBATING!!!!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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