Is it hard to have sex?!

Question: Is it hard to have sex!?
um!.!.!.ok!. ive been dating a girl for like a year now!. straight to the point, shes always asking for sex!.!.!. were only fifteen!. It would be a lie if i said i wasnt nervous for my first time!.!.!.!. i am! I just wanted to know from those of you who are experinced (help a little virgin lol)!.!.!.!. pleaseeeee dont be all ***** about it!.!.!.some chicks digg the virginitiness =]Www@Answer-Health@Com

Because it is her first time, unfortunately, you will have to be most of the work!. You should give her oral for at least 15 minutes, most girls orgasm through oral sex, not through vaginal sex!. You have to be gentle with her, understand her body and her body gestures!.
Both take your time, dont rush into anything and do what comes natural!.
Email me if you want to know anything else!. Remember nervous guys make girls more nervous!.
Be gentle with her, the first time hurts, and be ready for some blood!.
Oh and remember protection and lube!.!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

personally, i dont know cos im in the same position as you!.!.!.apart from im not the one begging for sex lol!. is your gf a virgin!? cos im 16 and last year i would have never dreamed about having sex but now i think im ready!. so you do feel prepared to have sex!? cos if your gf is buggin you for it and you arent ready then i doubt you will get any enjoyment out of having sex, cos you wont feel comfortable!. a lot of girls who are inexperienced like having their first time with someone in the same position as them as they feel their bf doesnt have any to compare them too so they feel less worried about letting him down!.!.!.id say it was the same with guys too, am i right!? so basically its fine to be nervous cos doing anything you havent done before for the first time is nervewracking and scary so its exactly the same with sex! just make sure you are both ready and dont feel you have to rush into it because a lot of the fun of being in a relationship is the build up to the first time!.!.!.otherwise you might just do it and then get a bit bored of each other! but whatever you do, please use a condom!!Www@Answer-Health@Com

I would be lying if i said it wasn't hard the first time(physical, not mentally)!. If finding the hole isn't hard enough, then actually forcing it in there is nearly impossible!. And if its her first time as well, then she will be very tight and most likely bleed!. So the answer is yes, it is hard, frusturating, and you will be sore in the morning lol!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I hope you

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