Hearing Loss (im 15 years old)??!

Question: Hearing Loss (im 15 years old)!?!?
Just lost my hearing!.!.!.!.and got implanted after losing hearing in my ears (i used hearing aids before!.!.) I'm starting my soph year in high school after my frosh year was crap (well the 2nd semester since thats when i lost it) i want to make this year different like talk to more people, be more friendly, etc!.!.i can do that but a lot of times i get nervous and i start to "shut" down (like everything sounds blurry)!. windy days irritate me since i use my hair to cover it up!.!.does anyone have ny advice for me!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

just be confident and comfortable people will notice your confidence and good energy and will be more drawn to you!. I know what you mean about feeling shy!. When i was freashman i got in a really bad car accident and ended up getting 20 stiches on my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awful having to return to school kids are jerks!. i still have a scar obviously but have learned to love myself again!. Just smile and be friendly and dont look uncomfortable and ban yourself from others, get involved and be in the mix!. I hope i helped and didnt just confuse you with all my thoughts :)Www@Answer-Health@Com

find a good 'upper cervical' chiropractor!!! you would be surprised how much chiropractic can do for you (if not for your hearing, but your general health) the first chiropractic adjustment was delivered by DD Palmer to a janitor that had lost his hearing after bending over!. (he heard a clunk and started to lose his hearing soon after) it took quite a few adjustments, but it did eventually come back!!! anything is worth a shot right!?!!?!!? cant hurt to try!!! let me know how it works! i'd love to know!.

I would recommend getting involved in clubs and stuff that you are interested in!. This will help you meet friends in smaller groups, as well as you will share a common interest with them!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

I can't!.!.!.
I can't troll this question!. I feel sympathy for this kid!. I just!.!.!. can't be a smartass!. *head explodes*Www@Answer-Health@Com

An hero!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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