How to pleasure my gf?!

Question: How to pleasure my gf!?
my girlfriend is the greatest n i love her so much, we've been together for almost a year but only been doing sexual stuff for a couple of months!.we are both 17, and were both virgins before we got together!.my problem is thatt i havent been able to bring her to orgasm thru sex or oral, although she has done it plenty of times for me!. i want to pay her back but i just cant seem to,help from guys, girls pretty much any one would be greatly appreciated!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

maybe you need to get her in the mood, if she is the type of girl to go for this sorta thing, make her dinner (even if its just micowaved lol) get a good movie,(let her pick) and just relax together for the night and let her no that you love her!. get all lovey dovey but not corney, she shud so be in the mood for better foreplay and sex!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Foreplay!.!.!.with hands!.!.!.tongue!.!.!.not necessarily full out oral sex!.!.!.but just teasing and using your finger along with your tongue!.!.!.talk to her!.!.!.maybe I have another idea!.!.but I don't want to write it on here!.!.!.if you'd like to know!.!.!.email me!.!.!.
Hope that helps!

Adam simple ask her!. If you dont have that line of communication on what makes her feel good and vice versa where to touch you!. You need to know to satisfy your woman and all women lke different things!.

curtdude Www@Answer-Health@Com

buy her some sexy lingerie !.!.!. ;) maybe this can help u


You'll have to spend more time on foreplay buddy!. Don't watch porn for tips!. Slapping her on the *** and calling her a dirty whor* won't do the trick!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

ask her what she likes or pleases her!.!. communiation is the key and don't be afraid to ask or offerWww@Answer-Health@Com

strange that she cant orgasm and is willing partner!. do some petting and give her a 69 before doing inercourseWww@Answer-Health@Com

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