Am i under size is my penis size?!

Question: Am i under size is my penis size!?
im african american 14 birthday was sept 27and ive been worried but my penis size for along time im high school school and i use to talk to allot of girls but im very shy because of my penis size must girls at my school talk about big penises like the ones you see in porn and they don't know not allot of people have a huge one like that so they expect a black person to have a huge thing but i don't so when it comes to talking to a girl i get shy afraid she might want to touch my penis or see it but i think it is small its 5 inches and 11 round which isn't that thick so my main questions are is my penis small for my age will it get bigger and how do i over come my fear of being turned down by a girl because of my penis sizeWww@Answer-Health@Com


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