I have stalled Muscle growth.?!

Question: I have stalled Muscle growth!.!?
I am 19 years old, I have been working out for 6mnths just at home with body weight exercises!. I was 60kg now I am 70kg, im 6'1'' and have only 4% body fat!. I have not made much if any muscle progress for about 6 weeks!. I can do handstand pressups and decline ones, is the next step the gym!?
To be honest I eat too much junk food, but it doesnt seem to have any effect on me but does it!? I probably have been eating more carbs and less red meat as I moved country 6 weeks ago, would this be it!?

Three things:

1!. You need to go to a gym and lift heavier weight than your body weight!.

2!. You probably need to eat more, and try to do it with healthy foods!.

3!. If you are trying to gain muscle, 4% is a little low!. Try increasing it a tad!. When your body is at 4%, it really doesn't want to add muscle since it would need to feed it!. At 4%, your body is not going to be all that confident in growing!.


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