Experience with babies with club foot? Help please?!

Question: Experience with babies with club foot!? Help please!?
My son is 12 weeks old and has one club foot!. Sorry if this is a tad long but I have to explain the situation!.!.!.!.
I live in CA and the method here used is called the Ponseti method, a series of casting for 6-8 weeks to correct this problem!. We've taken him to Childrens hospital, went through 5 weeks of casts, all of which had to be taken off within a day or two, because my son literally screamed in terror, was inconsolable, and then when we took the casts off his foot was swollen, bruised, blistered and pinched!. So we did some research and found a specialist that uses this method and was actually trained from Dr Ponsetti himself, he went yesterday and had the cast and then we got him home and he screamed for 7 hours straight, wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, wouldn't stop! Generally my son is a very happy, non fussy baby!. He screamed so hard that he began holding his breath, arching his back, etc!. like he was in obvious pain!.!.!. so once again the cast came off!.!.!. and once again his foot was swollen double the size of the other foot and pinched (after just a few hours of being on)!.
My son is a redhead (as am I) and I've read online that redheads generally are known to have a lower pain tolerance, and much more sensitive skin than brunettes or blondes!. I think this could be a contributing factor to this!. He just cannot handle this type of pain at such a young age, and who can allow their child to scream like that for 8 weeks straight!? What would that do to his development or his feelings of being safe and nurtured, ya know!?
Does anyone else know of other alternatives to casting at such a young age!?
Also, if left untreated until he's a little older and can actually have pain med's for this!.!.!. what would happen to his foot!?
I've just been doing tons of research and the only other alternative I can find is major surgery!. Help please! Any answers would be great, I'm feeling very desperate, I can't watch my baby go through this, it's heartbreaking! Also tryed baby tylenol and it does nothing!.
Thanks in advance!Www@Answer-Health@Com

You know stories like yours and my experience is what made me a Shriner today!. I recently brought on a new Shriner, His son 15mo Galen was born with club feet!. the Shriner's hospital was able to help him with shoes therapy and surgery, although you can't tell, and he can't sit still!. the little cute bundle of joy wants to run before he can even walk!. Check your local listings for the local Shriner's organization for a hospital location!. we even help with payment, transportation, and any other cost associated,usually at no cost to you!. it is what we do!. were Shriner's!. We help kids!.
please contact me if you have any trouble!. i will see what I can do to help!. Trigger3@mail!.com advice to you, sometimes the cure is painful, you have to take your emotions out of the equation and know your doing the right thing!. HARD i know!. My daughter Diagnosed with MD at age 3!. But very necessary!. God be with you!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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