I am curious, what does an "urge" to masturbate feel like?!

Question: I am curious, what does an "urge" to masturbate feel like!?
Why do half of all adult men masturbate, what kind of invisible "urge" drives them to do the dirty self deed!? How long can one refrain from it and what happens!? Why do men claim it "feels good" isn't it just like touching your wrist or someting!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

It definitely is not like touching your wrist!. Perhaps you should try rubbing your penis and seeing how it feels!. Maybe then you will understand why guys masturbate!. It feels good, yes!. The urge that drives guys to masturbate is a longing to experience that feeling - orgasm - and a longing to relax!.
Masturbation is very relaxing and feels great!. It feels A LOT better than touching your wrist!.
Edit: An urge to masturbate feels like this: your body tingles and your mind fills with sexual thoughts (or your mind may simply be empty, or focused on the good feeling you might soon get)!.


Well if you don't know its hard to explain, and if you haven't tried it at least once, then no one can tell you but yourself what it may feel like!. Everyone has different feelings about things!.

Its true that a vast majority of men do this type of self pleasure, even if they are in a stable, monogamous relationship!. The urge I would have to say would be in the physical, mental or emotional attraction to someone or something!. Therefore the feeling to indulge in fornication and/or masturbation!.

I would have to say one of the main reasons for masturbation would be the sensation that someone gets!. I wouldn't say its like sex, but more there are certain similarities!.

Certain chemicals in the brain trigger the receptors that cause attraction, and/or arousal!. This can be for many things such as; a smell, a certain form of touch, seeing something appealing to the eyes, even down to fine tuning like a certain way of dressing, and even songs or words spoken!. Basically arousal triggers the senses, and masturbation is the relaxation, and relief of sexual urges that one may have!.

And I have to say I agree with the two answers above mine!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

First of all!.!.!. it's not dirty!.!.!. second of all more than half of adult men masturbate including teenagers and kids, both girls and boys!. Go to the following links, because clearly you don't know anything about it!.
Good luck!Www@Answer-Health@Com

I read your about me profile!. You overlook the fact that sex is natural, something even that God created!. It's not a sin in and of itself!. You're denying and making yourself a martyr, but to what avail!? It makes it impossible for people to identify with you!.!.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com


and no its not like touching your wrist

and you maturbate a feeling happens

you should try it then you'll knowWww@Answer-Health@Com

For men the urge to masterbate feels like a hard penis!. And it feels good because it makes them orgasm!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Are you 7 or something!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Dude your a idiot! what do you think!? Go try it and find out!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

what the hell you takin boutWww@Answer-Health@Com

Normally males learn to masturbate at an early age of 4 or 5 years old!. This is because the foreskin slides over the glans and it makes it feel like lightning bolts of pure pleasure!. Here in the States 60 percent of males have had the foreskin removed, and so many males reach their teens never having had this pleasure!.

You have many questions here !.!.!. Let me see if I can asswer each of them!. The urge is one of nature!. We need to get rid of sperm cells because they represent a half of our DNA not a full version!. The body can see this as a threat!. So a helper cell goes along side the sperm cell to trick the body into thinking its ok!. The helper cell is temperature sensitive and has a short life!. When it goes away the sperm cell is left to fend for its own self!.

The body will attack it once the helper cell is gone!. And so nature built in a special urge for males to shoot this load of cells out of the body!. We mastubate to get rid of them and make room for better healthy ones!. Its a cleaning house thing!. Women do this same thing but its called a period and its monthly not daily!.

However, the action of house cleaning is identical, and for ther same reasons!.

We say it feels good because nature made it feel good for us!. Otherwise why would we be encouraged to do such a thing!. It was the only way nature could get us interested in this task!. The urge is very stron, and the reward is the release of a hormone in the brain that is identical to sex, and very desired!. Once it happends one time the male is hooked!.

The lack of foreskins in America contribute to Americas rise to the most dysfunctional male population!. Some cannot even please therir own females and this sort of thing effects males like no other country!. Some males go on to commit sex crimes and even murders and all sorts of things!. Research indicates many criminals to have problems in this area!.

No its not a tap on the wrist!. Its like the very best feeling you could ever come up with and then some!. Also indicated is that 90 percent of the pleasure comes from the foreskin!. A part missing from many males!. For those cut then its a question of hown much was left!. Some cases not enlugh and other cases enough to get to business but never as much as a full intact memeber!.

At one time this was donme to females but now this is not practices anymore!. Males have no such protection under the law!. An equal protection problem for the U!.S!. Public opinions are now responsible for about a 40 % drop in the procedure!.

Hope this helps!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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