How do I regrow hair permanently?!

Question: How do I regrow hair permanently!?
Honestly, my dad & my older brother have a receding hairline!. One of my other brothers has a big forehead, and may possibly be receding!. My 20 year old brother has about a regular sized forehead!. I'm 15 years old, and I think mine's is kind of big!.

Even though it's hereditary, is there anything I can do to regrow the hair permanently, or is there something I could probably buy out of a store!?

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Take it from a girl whom 3 out of 4 boyfriend had the male pattern baldness

If you got hereditary MPB, there is pretty much nothing you can do about it!. You only can prolong the baldness by using the topical med like Aminexyl and Minoxidil but one day you will be a bald men!. There is another solution with hair transplant which the result is not guaranteed and will leave permanent scar on your head

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