how do i pee in my bed without wetting the sheets?!

Question: How do i pee in my bed without wetting the sheets?
i love it when fluids come out of my penis. i really like laying in my bed and i want to pee in my bed without getting any on the sheets. any ideas how?



Sorry, you'll need a bed that can be fitted with a bedpan. They have those in hospitals for patients who are too sick to be able to get out of bed and pee and poop on their own.

well you could take off your sheets or like put a tarp thing down first..
thats honestly all i can think of other than get an old bed lay it outside or something and pee in that.

im sorry but is this a serious question?

Good luck with that, unless you put a tarp could always lay in a bath tub and do it? Otherwise your sheets will probably be getting wet.


you have a pee fetish. congratulations. if you are serious go buy some adult diapers.

rubber sheets--or lay in the bathtub and pee yurself

either way thats kinda disgusting

Masturbate you moron it's obviously slightly cleaner and fluid comes out.

get those animal balloons and pee into them then make a giraffee with it :)

Wear 20 pairs of underwear and 3 pairs of pants

try putting somthing that fits ur penis but it wont break or somthing and it will stick to ur penis

I'm sorry burt, I can't help your Urine fetish.

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