I have a serious problem....?!

Question: I have a serious problem....?
My Dad is an Alcoholic, he has been for the past15 years, he's had a heartattack, but continues to drink. In my parents marrage..he cheated, beat her cussed/called awful name...even brought women into our house while she was awy at work. He beat us, called names and had us call some of his girl friends mom...which I never did...so I always got hit. They deviorced and went their ways.The problem is i am grown now...and have made my piece with him...but he is always drunk and never knows who is is on the phone with most of the time..Sometimes he thinks it's one of his girlfriends, and the first thing I hear is something dirty...Even when I say it's me..the conversation seems to flow to that direction.I can't invite him to my house or to parties..because he hits on my friends...even if told ...he's so drunk he doesn't remember anything. I have told him to straighten up...or I will never se him again...that was two years ago...he drinks even more now. I have come to the point that I have


well everyone drinks, and im sure you won't drink so much that it will go to a point where you would be drinking too much like your dad. you should get like some help for you dad, and i wonder how does he get these girlfriends? and the divorce between your parents. i cna't believe he told you call his girlfriend your mom

AA is Alcoholics Anonymous, the organization is for alcoholics. You need to go to "al-anon" meetings for children and spouses of alcoholics. I had a girl friend that felt the need to continue with her meetings even though she divorced her alcoholic husband. THEY HELP!

You should contact al-anon, it's a support group for people with alcoholic family members.


There is a health question in there where?

Tell your father how you feel about the drinking. Explain to him that he is choosing alcohol over his daughter and how hurt you are by this descision. Voice your concerns, your emotions, your problems, whatever. Hopefully he will listen to you and begin to try and change his ways. If not then perhaps you need to try to either remove the booze, or cut contact for awhile. If that doesn't work, then you may not have many other possibilities.. Your father made some really bad choices in life. Love him, care for him, but maybe you won't be able to have him over and other similar things.. Rather sad.

If he does agree to try to stop, support him. Be understanding and be there for him. He needs you as his reason to stop. Try to get him into AA or just be there.

Also watch his physical status: alcohol creates physical dependency and stuff can happen when a long term alcoholic comes off of alcohol.

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