is it bad for your joints if you constantly crack fingers ?!

Question: Is it bad for your joints if you constantly crack fingers ?
im addicted to cracking my knuckles in 3 different places and my wrists as well, usually about 20 times a day. am i shortening the road to arthritis in my hands ? or is it unharmful ? im an older teen


Scientists have proved that it doesn't have anything to do with bones, the popping noise is gas bubbles popping. Nothing to worry about.

Usually depends if you have a history of Arthritis in your family, but regardless, i wouldn't do it. Doing it every once in a while wouldn't hurt, but cracking them constantly might hurt them over time. (:

Not likely that cracking your knuckles will do anything one way or the other. The crack sound you hear is nitrogen being released from the joint. There to my knowledge is no evidence this will cause anything.

i do too, i talked to the trainer at the gym about popping in your joints when working out and he said it is just air pockets in between the bones, he also said stretching will decrease it.

SAME i heard its a myth but sometimes my joints feel stiff and when i crack it relieves them

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