Am i addicted to masturbating???I?!

Question: Am i addicted to masturbating???I?
Im 14 im a boy and i masturbate kinda everyday. Is there a downside to it? can sometime bad happen to my testicaleS?


Many teen boys and adult men masturbate multiple times during the day. It is a pleasing self maneuver which can be done as often as you wish. There is no harm to it and your testicles may need a rest for a day or two before doing it again. Nothing wrong will happen to your testicles.

yer junk will fall off or the germs that yew come in conact with everday will be introduced to your genitilia, giving yew herpes. then yer mom will walk in on yew and be slightly upset while at the same time just worried that yew might be suffering some type of emotional stress because she hasnt been in the situation, then yew will have to go to some seriously awkward counseling sessions during which yew will have to fight off the insane urge to scratch, becuase yew also developed crabs. eventually yew will become blind, hairy palmed, and yer penis will catch fire if yew go too fast


I doubt there's any boy that's 14 that don't jack off at least once a day if not more...yeah it's totally normal and very healthy and nuttin bad will happen to ur balls and there's no downside to jackin off bro... Every guy does it. I do it 3-4 times a day and I'm fine so have fun with it...that's y it's there ...well to pee with to I guess. Lol

Yes, it is exhilarating, masturbation at 14, I recall, I used to keep track of how many time, or how many days I could go without because raised Roman Catholic, it was forbidden . . . I could not last more than a day and I did it morning, noon, evening and night.

no. you just answered your own question. you're a healthy, perfectly normal, horny teenage boy.

make sure to lubricate, so as to avoid any friction burn, since you appear to be an avid wanker. there are no ill side-effects. just have fun!

no its healthy man

smoke weed and get really high and do it. 20,000,000x better

^for medicinal purposes of course. i don't advocate illegal activity ;)

Everybody does that.

duh its normal i always do it and im in my twenties

Since we are teenagers, we both like to check out girls at skool, we both ****. it's normal!

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