kind of a personal question?!

Question: Kind of a personal question?
After I ejaculate and my *** comes out, I have a brief period where no more fluid comes out, but after about 5 minutes more fluid seeps out, it seems to be like pre-*** but it happens after I have ejaculated and there's quite a lot of it, it doesn't come out instantly after I have ejaculated, what is it? and why does it happen?


Happens to me too. Its kinda normal. For me its because my PC muscles are weaker and i dont push everything out when i *** some stays in the penis instead of coming out.

Try a couple of things that work for me:
1- When ur about to *** tense up and hold it tensed while ur stroking till you cant anymore then... PUSH!
2-right after u *** make an ok with ur hand around ur dick and pull from bottom of dick to top to pull the extra stuff out.

Hope this works!

PS: If you dont think this is the problem and ur sexually active it could possibly be a STD. If you are or have been sexually active its a great idea to get tested anyway. Its the only way to avoid spreading stuff! Check with your local health department for free confidential testing.

I have no idea why that is. Doesn't happen to me.

Does it smell?
Is it an odd color?
Do you have any pain while ejaculating or masturbating?
Are you sexually active?

If any of those answers is a yes, go to a doctor and get tested for infections and/or STDs


well,there are multiple could be u hold it to hard,u block it,u have whacked 2 much or havent gave it time,late reactions,or it could just be nothen wrong.its normal,dont worry bout it.

Yeah i have had that

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