Can a guy have kids when a doctor has not him he can't?!

Question: Can a guy have kids when a doctor has not him he can't?
I was tested about a year ago and the doctor told me that I could not have kids. Will this change over time or will I not be able to have kids with my wife?


Why did he say you couldn't have kids?
Was it because your testicles simply do not produce any sperm? Does it mean that you have a low sperm count (in which case you can of course still have kids). The reason WHY he said makes a huge difference.

You have to figure out why you can't have them sometimes it's a changable condition other times it's not.


Cassie... your a girl in your pic and on your other questions. How can you also be a guy?

Even without knowing that, your question makes no sense and lacks substance. Its simply not at all believable. No guy would ever NOT KNOW why he couldnt have kids.

If it is a low sperm count - there are things that can be done
No testicles - no kids
It could be a blockage causing you to not be able to get the sperm from the testicle to the egg.

What is the condition. I would say, by the way you presented your question that this is a final NO.

Maybe - maybe not. Doctors have been known to be wrong.

Sorry but no you cant

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