I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow?!

Question: I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow?
If I discuss with him about a very personal story that has to do with sex, will he keep it on my file? I am worried about the general public or government seeing my sex incident or my friends finding out.


The doctor has taken an oath to keep all information private. There are also laws concerning the release of medical information, so I wouldn't worry about anyone finding anything out from your doctor. The best advice I can give is to be 100% up front with your doctor. He/She is there to help you and to keep you well. The more information they have the better he/she will be able to do thier job.
Also, I can almost guarantee that there isn't much you could tell that they haven't heard before. Funny thing about human beings, almost no behaviour is unique, Almost everything you can think of has been done by someone, somewhere at one time. Be honest and you will most likely find a proffesional who will listen and not pass judgement.

Doctors see many people every day. They don't remember most of them. He has probably talked with people about sex before, so I'm sure he's used to it. They don't keep your story on file, in case you were wondering.

Doctors are sworn to keep medical information private and the doctors records are his own.
There is no way your friends can find out unless one of them works in the doctors office and has access to your medical records.

Nope, especially if you ask your doctor to maintain privacy. Your medical records are private anyways. Until we get public health care

noone is going to know cuz a doctor sees 80 people a day your just a guy or girl talking about something to him

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