is this average or good for some one who?!

Question: Is this average or good for some one who?
is this average or good for some one who is nearly an adult 7 inch's i've been told it kind of looks bigger than it's size as well i've never really been insecure about it but since it's probably not going to grow much more in size. lol


7 inches in length in above average. 8 inches is big. 6 to 6.5 is normal. To consider in size, girth. The size when measuring the circumference of the shaft.

Don't be insecure, I wish I had, as many many other men do, your problem!

big enough n above avg for sure
trust I am a doctor myself and hav researched all my life on the sexual issues n hav numerous writes on healthkosh to sum all. do scroll the website for more information and articles on sex, penis, size, growth, measurement, masturbation etc

healthkosh, some simple answers

7 is perfect

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