What foods deteriorate sperm quality?!

Question: What foods deteriorate sperm quality?
What foods deteriorate sperm quality? I have heard that Coca-Cola is one. Are there foods that improve it?


You heard wrong, no reason coca cola would cause any harm, or be more harmful than any other cola products or any soda for that matter. No food has been demonstrated to cause changes in sperm quality, your digestive system pretty much takes care of everything and delivers nutrients to your whole body via the bloodstream, and the liver removes toxins that are harmful. Over 1.2 billion cokes are drunk each day, a heck of a lot. If it were harmful to sperm, our population would be a heck of a lot less.

Sorry guy, Coke does not deteriorate sperm, it might eat a hole in your stomach because of the acid.

Stop listening to "those guys", obviously they do not know what they are talking about.

I hear, smoking, drugs and heavy drinking affect your sperm.

Do some reasearch on the web from reliable sources, if you want detailed information.

Wedding cake.
Well, it means you get a lot less sex, so the sperm will age more.

All coke products do.... especially Mountain Dew....... ohhh........ and energy drinks.....

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