Male hormone question?!

Question: Male hormone question?
What would happen if you were taking testosterone pills and your body produced more than what it needed almost like an over dose of testosterone


to be honest you shouldnt be taking DHEA or other testosterone supplements when you are young. Testosterone wears off as you age. If you are young I would stop taking it. Your body produces enough already. You should research it or ask your family doctor about it. It could cause problems for you in the future. Especially erectile problems. Testosterone supplements are intended for older men who lost a lot of their own that that cant produce anymore.

Exogenous testosterone (testosterone from an outside source) basically tells the testicles to stop making testosterone and your testicles will shrink. That's why it is never good to take the testosterone when you are capable of making it on your own.

Working for urologists for 15 years.

Your own production will shut down and your system will get used to receive it from outside source.

Once you stop taking your supplements you will be left with no testosterone.
This is a most likely scenario.

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