How do I get a gf + get to the "final base" quickly?!

Question: How do I get a gf + get to the "final base" quickly?
Please help this isn't a troll question lol...

I kinda want a girlfriend, i've been told i'm cute and whatnot. But i'm too quiet, how can I get more into things without seeming to be a **** or loud mouth.

I've kinda been craving, sex lately. Also i'm only 14 lol.

Please help me.


Dude I have the same problem as you some times but what helps me in thoose situations is just being my self ( not being a dick like other guys). One thing I have noticed even if the girl has a boyfriend, the girl will preffer you much more and grow feeling for you if you treat her better than any one(even her family) that makes them fall for you quicky without them knowning. After a while just try to firlt with other girls infront of her and if she askes you something regrading the girl or even gives you a bad look she is jelous. After you notice this just cut right to the main point. Invite her out, this way she will figure out that if she really likes you she can not be playing around with you. Because now she knows that you are not going to kill your self for her and that your not only interested in her. then after this I am sure you will get the hang of the rest that comes after that. If for any reason you need help after that just let me know. Something very important you need to remenber DO NOT BE A JERK(A DICK) even if they treat you like **** at first if they do so it is because they are testing you.

self expirience 18 years

i was like u like try to be funny make girls notice u like act smart play sports. or if girls think ur cute go up to them strike a conversation seem interested give them a compliment make them feel special it works trust me.i was like u at 14 i was quiet but then i tried acting cool getting noticed by wait a couple years to lose your virginty maybe just do oral

Step 1: Get a fake ID.
Step 2: Get into a club/bar of your choice.
Step 3: Pick up girl at bar, buy her drinks.
Step 4: Get her really drunk.
Step 5: Take her to a dark alley way and have sex. Consensual of course.

Or you can just use your hand like most 14 year old men.

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