Is mix martial arts a good sport to show?!

Question: Is mix martial arts a good sport to show?
your true strength and fighting techniques? My brother likes this show called Dragon Ball Z and he says, he would like to fight in MMA when he is older. Or should he take up professional Boxing?


Yes it may be just that. The only thing is what you see on those TV matches is some of the best. Getting there takes a LOT of hard work, dedication and training. He would have to be able to take some punishment. I had the opportunity to talk with John Elway who as you may know, was a quarterback at Stanford college and played with the Denver Broncos. This was just after he retired. I asked him how he liked being retired. He said he sure doesn't miss all the bruises, injuries and aches and pains the next day. I would have to recommend against boxing. Boxing involves a lot of punches to the head. When the head is snapped to the right or left by a punch the brain takes a lot of punishment. At least in MMA it involves kicks, wrestling and holds as well as punches.

MMA is the way to go! Nothing like DBZ mind you but if you want to get into real fighting then you would want to get started in that direction! I'd reccomend attending a judo, kick boxing or Muai thai dojo and following it all the way to the end (black belt in judo for example) that'll get you on your way :P. Then fight on the ameture circuit.

MMA right now is huge but to get to where The Ice man is you need to clime your way to the top just liking in boxing armature division than inter expert junior Olympics and than Olympics

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