You know how the tip of a mans penis is supposed to be the most sensative part?!

Question: You know how the tip of a mans penis is supposed to be the most sensative part?
my boyfriend is different. He has no feeling but a little pressure at the tip. The sensative spot on him is on his shaft where the shaft and the head meet. Is this unusual?


Actually, I think that IS the most sensitive part for EVERY guy. It is for my bf too (and pretty much every bf I've had). The most sensitive parts are the rim of the glans (the area round the head where it meets the shaft) and the frenulum (which is on the underside of his glans/head).


The head of the penis is supposed to be the most sensitive and almost always is since most of the nerve endings are in the head. I can make myself practically go crazy just rubbing the tip with a finger and thumb using some lube and can have the most intense orgasm doing this in just a few minutes but I prefer to make it last for 30-50 minutes most of the time. I would suggest your BF see a Urologist about his penis not having any feeling on the head and hopefully it can be resolved.

The most sensitive part as far as I know for every guy, with the exception of those who have had a really bad circumcision job done that has damaged the nerves is the fraenulum. The flap of skin under the foreskin of uncut guys which is on the underside of the penis and connects the head or glans to the shaft. The head can become very sensitive and if the tip is rubbed in the right way with a good lube, it can force the guy to release some urine so be careful in your play.

Actually the frenulum and foreskin are the most sensitive parts of the penis.

If he's circumcised it's not unusual that his penis head has little sensitivity. That's what happens when the glans is left exsposed and rubbing against clothing all day.

I restored my foreskin after being circumcised for 17 years. My head is more than twice as sensitive as it was before I restored. Circumcision takes away a lot of sensitivity in the tip.


Since you are a girl or woman,it need not worry you.What excites a man during sex is the inward outward movement and friction it causes at the head of the penis resulting in ejaculation.

It feels good if you like lick it at the top but of you rub it it will feel as if you just drank really cold water on your teeth but that feeling only on the top of the penis
It is perfectly normal

It is VERY sensative during sex but it could be anywhere. Some places may be the testicles, the shaft or the head. It's just how your b/f was built.

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strange mine is the tip, when i masturbate i just have to rub the tip and 2-3 seconds later out comes my sperm, for me the base does nothing

No the tip is not the most sensitive part. The area on his penis you mention IS the most sensitive. So that is not at all unusual.

The most sensative on a guys penis is where the frenulum is/was...the head itself has very little sensation

Agree with Connor.

Circumcised males have MUCH less sensitivity, when the foreskin has been removed

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