Help choosing a condom?!

Question: Help choosing a condom?
My boyfriend and just started having sex about two months ago. First we used Trojan Her Sensation. Pretty much all of those broke. (before he c*me). Then we tried Durex Pleasure Pack. Only a few broke. Then the Trojan magnum. Those broke to!

So my question is:

what brand of condom won't break?

This is really getting frustrating

Please help. Thank you.


Maybe your partner is doing you too hard. But, i'm just guessing. Go to a pharmacist and ask about what condom would be good for you and your partner. Hope that helped :)

Sounds like you may need some lube..he must be going pretty hard and rough to be breaking through those...good luck not getting pregnant!

Get glow in the dark ones :D it's even pleasurable without sex

Plastic bag, works every time.

it could also be the size you baught, maybe try getting a bigger size...and yes condoms come in sizes

what does he feed his baby that it breaks?

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