What causes morning wood? I'm usually not even aroused when I wake up but b!

Question: What causes morning wood? I'm usually not even aroused when I wake up but by penis is rock solid!?
It is really embarrassing to walk around the house with it really showing!


It's an old myth that it's your bladder being full that causes it however doctors and researchers are figuring out this isn't the case. It has to do with circulation in your body being clearest in the morning and it just happens. It also can be related to dreams (even if you don't remember having a sex dream)


I agree with the others. It is natural and we take it as it is. You don't have to walk around the house without a tight brief under ware under your pajamas.

What I don't agree with, the guy that says you will get less morning-rocks as you grow older.
I have been a grandfather for a long while, and it doesn't fail one day. So prepare yourself for the future.

Every guy gets wood 5-7 times during sleep although many don't remember having em. The reason u wake up hard is because of blood flowing throughout ur body. It has nuttin to do with being sexually aroused. As u get older, u'll have less morning hard on's. I hope I'll keep my morning wood forever cuz I like to see it winking at me and saying "can we play now?" lol

You are very relaxed and maybe an excited dream or two. What i do is to hold it straight up and then down under the elastic band of my under pants. Then a loose t-shirt over the top and nothing shows, until my wife lifts my shirt up (which she does sometimes cause she is horny)

good luck

It's an internal mechanism that occurs to keep you from rolling off the bed.

Its nature's alarm clock.

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