1 drop of semen = 100 drops of blood. Is this true?!

Question: 1 drop of semen = 100 drops of blood. Is this true?
Like someone told me you shuld not masturbate and told me the following equations? Do you guys have any idea on this??


It's utter nonsense, said to scare and frighten you. Masturbation is a healthy and normal function for any male. The amount of sperm you release by masturbating has zero effect on your blood. Ok, so sometimes it makes you light headed when you climax and sleepy after-wards, and too rough with your dick can cause friction burns to the skin, but apart from that, carry on and enjoy and tell the scare mongers to p*** off.

this is old wives tales. The Nazis believed that you only had so much semen production and they discouraged young men from masturbating. Every generation has it ignorace mongering fools. Hitler was the most commonly known.

The equation is wrong, wrong, wrong. Semen does not equate to blood. In the reproductive area, only women bleed. It is because the ovary has not been impregnated by a sperm. So the body rejects it after the ovulation is not successfully going into inpregnation.

Read up on it.

After I quit laughing so hard, decided to answer your question. Whoever told you this has a really twisted mind or is really uptight about sex. There is no blood in semen, semen is a naturally produced bodily fluid all males produce. Whoever told you this should be ignored on the subject of sex and probably anything else.


And your <someone> is equally wrong about masturbation.

BTW = semen is largely produced in the prostate in much the
same way as saliva is in the mouth.


nonsense ! masturbation is perfectly normal and healthy. Forget these silly rumors.

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