Question for men! Kind of a poll about you?!

Question: Question for men! Kind of a poll about you?
What dos your penis smell like?


It smells like a penis.

Normally has a clean smell but sometimes can have a pee smell or a sweaty smell prior to being cleaned and having been in underpants during the day. Straight after sex it smells very much like the vaginal fluids from which it has just been immersed.


If I could get my nose down there, I would never leave the house!

I will go out on a limb and say that it smells better than V. I am serious about personal hygene and shave the area for nice appearance.

It is smells better than V because it is not a moist area, OK!

Old Guy

it doesnt really smell like anything ,, unless u go toliet then it will smell like urine for a few minutes or when u ejaculate it will smell like sperm for a few minutes


My penis smells like dove for men bodywash. I clean my uncircumcised penis every day and it has no smell.


It smells like penis. I wash it frequently so it only smells like penis.

Well since I'm Italian mine smells and tastes like pizza. Lmao yum yum

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