i have a bumb right before my penis.. what could it be?!

Question: I have a bumb right before my penis.. what could it be?
i am a virgin and have not had sex. but it is very annoying. its kind of like a zit/pimple but it has head on it so it cant be popped. what is it? and should i be worried?


It could be a regular pimple or it could be an ingrown hair. Either way, don't worry. Try doing a warm moist compress--microwave a clean wet washcloth for about 20-30 seconds. Lie down and apply the cloth to the spot for about 20 minutes. Do that every few hours (like 4 times a day). That will make it open up enough to ooze out. You can then try to "pop" it loose in the shower. Make sure you keep it good and clean. IF it doesn't get better soon, then see a doctor.

just pick it and find out, if you cant pick it, its a hernia.

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